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Futurist | Keynote Speaker

Stefan Hyttfors is an acclaimed futurist, author and global speaker.

”The future is about how we create new, rather than capitalize on old, forms of society and business models to expand wealth and quality of life. So that’s what I do; I study change and I try to inspire as many as possible to embrace it.”


Stefan’s top themes & topics for 2023:

Only old people talk about digital 

While most companies still have a lot of work with the digital transformation, their customers’ and employees’ expectations will hint at where we are. Yesterday’s buzzwords, such as wearable devices, cloud computing, and cryptocurrencies, is today’s reality.

You might still think of experiences as ”real” or ”digital,” but your children don’t. They are busy playing games and meeting with friends on platforms such as Roblox. Digitalization and ultimately, the emergence of a new world – the metaverse – is already a fact.

This means there is a whole new universe to explore.
So what are you waiting for?



Sustainability is no longer a cost, it’s one of the big opportunities for profitable growth.Customers as well as Wall Street are all looking for the next Tesla.


NFT’s for leaders

Non Fungible Tokens and decentralised networks is so much more than art and crypto currency.Be innovative and introduce your company tokens to recruit/attain talent.


We are online

Stop talking about remote work and drop the work-from-home policy. We work online. Act accordingly.



Leaders must learn about, and should invest in Bitcoin as hedge against fluctuating fiat currencies. Too many still think of this as risky but the trend is clear (200% per year on average for 10 years). Now is the time to start.


Experience can be a problem
In a time characterized by change, a culture brave enough to challenge experience is even more valuable than experience itself.

In a fast changing environment, the risk is not to lose what we have but to miss out on the new
When the unknown gains are a thousand times greater than whatever we want to keep, we must acknowledge the problem of loss aversion.

Sustainability is the greatest business opportunity of a lifetime.
In the past decade, decarbonising the global economy has moved from being a problem to the greatest business opportunity of the century. The shift from brown to green is no longer about CSR or charity but rather about increased growth and profitability; the race to zero has begun.

Digitalisation is done
Exponential growth in technology like digitalization means everyone will have access to advanced technology, so this is no longer a competitive edge. In the digital world, competition will be all about human emotions.


Stefan Hyttfors has a background as a journalist and economist, today he is one of Europe’s leading voices on disruptive technologies, behavioral change and next-generation leadership. His presentations are tailor-made but always with a solid foundation about sustainability, globalization and digitalization. The feedback from the audience is always a mix of “inspiring and entertaining but with an important sense of urgency”.

According to Stefan the future is not to be predicted, it is to be created. His vision is to help companies and individuals embrace change on a global scale to create a better future.

Stefan is a combination of a stand up comedian and thoughtful key note speaker. He delivers energy and laughs while at the same time making you reflect upon todays challenges and how to tackle the unknown future.


Stefan Hyttfors

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