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Former Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA

Steve Howard is a leading sustainable business professional and is a recognised authority on sustainability and climate change. Steve was Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA Group and served on IKEA’s Executive Group Management from 2011-2017.

In 2015, Steve co-founded We Mean Business, a leading climate change coalition of organisations which helped support the Paris Agreement and has led to more than 500 businesses making more than 1000 commitments on climate action. Prior to IKEA Steve was Founder and CEO of The Climate Group, a global NGO which has built networks of cities, states, regions, and businesses committed to a net-zero carbon world. Steve is on the administrative board of SE4ALL and was Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Environmental and Natural Resource Security. He worked in WWF where he established the Global Forest and Trade Network and helped launch and chair The Forest Trust. Steve is trained as an ecologist and has a PhD in Ecophysiology and Environmental Physics based on research in Kenya.

Steve is a leading authority on sustainability and climate change setting out the challenges and providing audiences with the possible solutions. Steve believes politicians and business leaders must tackle urgent environmental and economic challenges together to create new jobs and build a prosperous and clean economy.

Teemat: Sustainability | Economic Austerity | Environmentalism | Ethical Business Practice

Steve Howard

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