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Expert on IT Security and eBusiness

Tim Cole is an experienced publicist, author and TV moderator in the field of eBusiness and IT security. As editor of the business magazine Net Investor he has a proven track record for journalistic objectivity, as well as the ability to critically evaluate the impact of technology on business processes and markets.

He is also founder and editor of Internet Report, the first German language newsletter for the online industry. Tim was responsible for several magazines including Connect, a popular telecommunications magazine. His role as head of the multimedia group also involved developing new concepts for multimedia publishing and online communication. He frequently contributes to Internet related magazines. His book ’Management Challenge Security’ has become a standard textbook for non-technical managers involved in IT security decision-making.

With a wealth of knowledge and unparalleled expertise in the IT and the Internet, Tim Cole offers audience’s great insights and useful guidelines on the future of IT security and related fields. He is also an experienced moderator and excellent event host.

Teemat: Programmed to Fail: How the Internet Helped Cause the Economic Crisis - and How it Can Help to Get Us Out Of It |The Extended Enterprise: Creating Opportunities in a Networked Economy | IT Security and Identity Management: Governance, Risk Management and Compliance from a Management Perspective | Digital Identity: Who are you in the World behind the Computer Screen (and can you prove it)? | Customer-focused eBusiness: How to Create Loyalty - and Make it Pay | Digital Nomads: How Mobility is Shaping the Future of Communication | The Enterprise of the Future: Technology and the Evolution of Corporations | Homo Sapiens 2.0: Turing, Kurzweil and the Future of Intelligence

Tim Cole

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