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Author, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, best-selling author, Tony Robbins is many things, but what defines him is his mission; ”helping individuals and businesses succeed”. His influence has been described as transformational, his knowledge and business strategies incomparable, making Tony a life coach above the rest. Having empowered over 50 million people throughout his career, few can rival the incredible influence that Tony has on his corporate clients, who stem from over 100 different countries.

Discussed in his speeches, he is not just insightful but highly inspiring. Regarded as a ”CEO whisperer”, Tony Robbins is the man called upon to ”lead the leaders”. He has an impressive record of previous clients, including three US presidents, athletes like Mike Tyson and Serena Williams – Tony’s reputation resonates with all industries, from sport to politics. The ideal speaker for all events, his diverse strategies benefit audiences from all backgrounds.

Tony’s professional and personal development programme is considered the holy grail of business, while his live seminars are attended by over four million people. As a webinar speaker, Tony has the power to reach through his camera and hold his audience’s attention. Star of the speaking stage and screen, audiences from all countries rush to attend his online seminars, eager to learn from a pioneer of business success. Following themes of self-help and positive thinking, Tony truly helps people to unlock their true potential.

Including the NYT best-seller ”MONEY: Master the Game”, Tony is the author of six internationally renowned books.

Teemat: Motivation & Inspiration | Peak Performance | Leadership | Global Economy & Finance | Business | Personal Growth

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