Vivienne Ming - Puhuja

Entrepreneur | Theoretical Neuroscientist | Technologist | Co-Founder of Socos Labs

Dr. Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist, and entrepreneur. She co-founded Socos Labs, her fifth company, an independent institute exploring the future of human potential. She launched Socos Labs to combine her varied work with that of other creative experts and expand their impact on global policy issues.

Vivienne wants to create better people through technology. Whether she is creating expression recognition AI or using cutting edge neuro-prosthetics, Vivienne’s goal is the same: to augment human potential. Vivienne is a fabulous keynote speaker and is popular no matter what audience she speaks at. Vivienne is a passionate and dynamic speaker whose fascinating presentations are universally admired and enjoyed.

Dr. Vivienne Ming is featured frequently for her research and inventions in The Financial Times, The Atlantic, Quartz Magazine and the New York Times. In her free time, Vivienne has invented AI systems to help treat her diabetic son, predict manic episodes in bipolar sufferers’ weeks in advance, and reunited orphan refugees with extended family members. She sits on boards of numerous companies and nonprofits including StartOut, The Palm Center, Cornerstone Capital, Platypus Institute, Shiftgig, Zoic Capital, and HUMM. Dr. Ming also speaks frequently on her AI-driven research into inclusion and gender in business.

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