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Fashion Influencer & Digital Entrepreneur

Xenia Tchoumi is a fashion influencer, digital entrepreneur and public speaker. Xenia has worked or is the digital ambassadress of high end fashion and lifestyle brands. She shoots with magazines of the likes of L’Officiel, Vogue, Vanity Fair or Elle. She has recently given motivational TEDx talks and spoke at the United Nations.

Xenia’s informative and enthusiastic presentations reflect on her inspirational business journey in the world of social media and the fashion industry. Accrediting her failures as the trajectory towards success, Xenia speaks about the negative side of social media and believes it is important to speak openly about setbacks and struggles. She also speaks on female empowerment in the workplace. Xenia explains how social media algorithms work, how large corporates can effectively use ”influencers” to brand products and engage with the youth market.

At 18-years old, Xenia placed second in the Miss Switzerland beauty pageant, which made her a house-hold name in the country. Not only has she become a well-known name in the fashion industry, but also her background in economics sparked off her business career writing for magazines such as Bilan – the Swiss equivalent to Forbes. Xenia’s social media and web magazine now produces daily content that is read by over 7.4 million fans. On Instagram, she is highly paid by some of the world’s leading fashion brands to flaunt their products to her 1.4 million followers.

Xenia Tchoumi is an advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women in the business world. She has spoken at the UN in Geneva discussing the power of digital women in business and how to overcome prejudice through the Internet and in the workplace. Her consulting and keynote speeches explain how social media algorithms work, how large corporates can effectively use “influencers” to brand products and engage with the youth market. She closely monitors every change in the social landscape, is an expert for brand media campaigns, selecting the correct influencers, and using proper negotiation tactics. A self-made digital power-hose, Xenia is an expert on cutting-edge digital trends and well as individual empowerment.

Teemat: Social Media | Women in the Workplace | Gender Equality | Digital Trends | Millenials | Leadership | Empowerment | Business | Fashion | Self Empowerment and Self Care Habits | How to Work with Digital Influencers | Online Branding and Marketing

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