Product Owner/CTO

We are searching for our next Product Owner/CTO to take over the responsibility for setting, prioritizing, and accepting the work generated by a team in order to ensure the most valuable and proper functionality of our Rhetorich© product.

As our Product Owner/CTO, you will manage the existing prototype and community of users, gather and groom the next feature requests, schedule releases and coordinates sprints. You should be able to identify user needs, help a customer understand a business value and work with cross-functional teams to manage product releases. Your effort is important for the company as you will need to deliver product not just according to users, but to the product that helps make our vision a reality.

Responsibilities include:

  • Care for the current prototype of our product and describe the architecture for the future as part of the next project phase
  • Support the ramp up of new suppliers as part of an Agile team
  • Work with internal and external customers to analyze the needs and align product roadmap to strategic goals
  • Own the product roadmap and review it continuously with the project owners
  • Develop scope and define backlog items that guide the Agile dev team
  • Solve product related problems, make decisions, complete trade-off analysis to stay on track towards business deliverable commitments
  • Develop appropriately detailed specifications for the product features so they are clearly understood by the development teams
  • Possess a fundamental understanding of end-to-end customer experience integration and dependencies
  • Collaborate with community of speakers and stakeholders during the visioning and concept development of products
  • Accountable for the created products, delivering in the product model and communicating the product needs with business partners
  • Asses value, develop cases, and prioritize stories, epics and themes to ensure work is aligned with product strategy
  • Identify and help understand the business model, value and value proposition
  • Develop and maintain an appropriately prioritized backlog of user stories for implementation
  • Establish a support model, when the number of users requires more formal processes



  • Overall understanding of technologies used in the product. , AI, APis, …
  • Contract Negotiation and Supplier management
  • Software development and solution architecture
  • Product Management


Welcome skills *but not mandatory:

  • Hands on software development
  • Software quality assurance
  • Data science and strong  interest in the topic of Public speaking and communication


Who we are? MySpeaker is the fastest growing speaking agency in the Nordics. The company’s rapid growth is fueled by the successful digitalization of its offering. The MySpeaker Rhetorich project is at the heart of the company’s digital strategy. It is already one of the most advanced and comprehensive platforms dedicated to public speaking in the world. The company is now preparing for the next generation of the platform to scale up its international success.

About your future colleagues: Rhetorich

Initially, this is a project role (until August). Thereafter, we expect it will turn into a full-time role.

Interested yet?

More information reach out to Galith Nadbornik [email protected] (until 29th March) André Noël Chaker, [email protected]

MySpeaker on pohjoismaiden nopeimmin kasvava puhuja- ja valmennusyhtiö, josta löytyvät huippupuhujat, juontajat ja valmentajat. MySpeaker kiinnittää suurta huomiota puhujiensa laatuun ja edustaa maailman kovimpia kotimaisia sekä kansainvälisiä puhujia, visionäärejä ja asiantuntijoita. Luomme vaikuttavaa sisältöä asiakkaiden sisäisiin ja ulkoisiin tilaisuuksiin. MySpeakerilla on lokaalisti tiimit Suomessa ja Ruotsissa sekä pohjoismainen yhteistyö, allianssi maailman yhden suurimman puhujatoimiston CSA:n kanssa.