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Tämä aika, jos koskaan, tarvitsee supersankareita. Jokainen meistä voi halutessaan löytää itsestään supersankarin. Ja valjastaa tämän sankaruuden oman tiimin ja organisaation voimavaraksi – sekä tiimin johtamiseen että itsensä johtamiseen. Tämä aika tarvitsee myös uutta perspektiiviä ja näkemystä kohtaamaan kaikkia puhuttelevan niin sanotun ”uuden normaalin”.

Mitä tämä uusi normaali sitten käytännössä tarkoittaa?

Nostin tähän kansainväliseen uutiskirjeeseeni todellisia globaaleja huippuasiantuntijoita, jotka hahmottavat tätä maailmaa ja tätä hetkeä hieman erilaisesta perspektiivistä, mihin ehkä olemme tottuneet. Nyt puhumme periksiantamattomuudesta, aidon luottamuksen saavuttamisesta sekä johtamisesta todellisen paineen alla.

Näiden tähän nostamieni puhujien teemat ja aiheet antavat ajattelun aihetta tarkastella nykyistä toimintaympäristöämme eri näkökulmasta. He ovat omalla alallaan saavuttaneet jokapäiväisen ajatusmaailmamme ja toimintaympäristömme ulkopuolisia tavoitteita, joita me kaikki ehkä olemme halunneet omassa työssämmekin joskus saavuttaa.

En ehkä ole koskaan aiemmin urani aikana ollut yhtä vaikuttunut ja inspiroinut, kuin näiden supersankareiden saavutuksista!

Tartu tähän tilaisuuteen, ota rento asento, hengitä syvään ja astu supersankariemme maailmaan ja hyödynnä heidän kokemuksensa oman organisaatiosi käyttöön.

Kohti ääretöntä ja sen yli!
Susanna Hagelstam
Senior Account & Int. Speaker Relations Manager
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Dr. Karen Nyberg, Astronaut, Scientist, Engineer, Artist & Earth Advocate:

Dr. Karen Nyberg is an Astronaut, Engineer and Artist who, through nearly thirty years of experience in human spaceflight, has gained an appreciation for the value of working within and across diverse political ideologies, cultural values and world views to advance critical missions.

Karen was selected as a member of the NASA Astronaut Corps in 2000. She made her first trip to space aboard Space Shuttle Discovery in 2008, during the height of International Space Station (ISS) construction, delivering and installing the Japanese Laboratory. On her second spaceflight in 2013, Karen was launched on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and lived and worked at International Space Station (ISS) for 166 days.

Get ready to be inspired by Karen Nyberg and her story of being raised in a dugout house outside of a small town in Minnesota to becoming the 50th woman to travel to space. Karen is an accomplished astronaut who flew two space missions and holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering.  She found a way to parent her small child from space while living on the ISS and gained first hand knowledge of the importance of communication in a socially distanced world.  Through her life stories, Karen will explain how setting goals, building the right teams and perseverance can make anything happen.

Recently retired from NASA, Karen is currently pursuing interests in the areas of conservation and sustainability, fully appreciating the responsibility for innovation and technology to strive to meet those needs.

”I’ve accomplished the dream I set out for”
Dr. Karen Nyberg

Karenin Keynote -aiheita mm:
Reaching New Heights | Team Building | Communication & Trust | Women in Space | Teamwork | Innovation & Creativity | Setting Goals and Reaching them

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Karen on tulossa kauttamme asiakkaamme live -tilaisuuteen marraskuussa, joten hänestä kuulette pian lisää!

Ron Garan, NASA Astronaut, Astro-Futurist, Fighter Pilot, and Active Social Entrepreneur:

Former NASA Astronaut & F-16 fighter pilot, Ron Garan, inspires audiences worldwide to discover new perspectives that create exponential progress and drives real results.

Ron Garan has spent 178 days in space and has traveled more than 71 million miles during 2,842 orbits of our planet. He flew on both the US space shuttle and the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, where he accomplished four spacewalks. Ron also spent eighteen days at the bottom of the ocean during a research mission held in the world’s only undersea research lab, Aquarius.

Ron’s career as an astronaut, decorated combat fighter pilot, commercial space executive, and humanitarian offers a unique perspective to any event. His lessons from living, working, and spacewalking on the International Space Station, perhaps the most complex structure ever built, serve as a perfect illustration for collaboration.

Rons’ approach has a powerful effect, allowing audiences to set aside differences, work as a team, and embrace change for a brighter future. Ron’s long-term and big-picture perspective inspires change in teams and organizations around the world.

Ron helps companies understand how they can thrive in our rapidly changing world by re-thinking their business models for the exponential economy and crafting organizational cultures that encourage employee innovation.

The world can be a scary place, but we’re living in an exciting new era of potential. The decisions made by businesses today will impact the landscape for decades to come. In order to continue fighting back against apathy and oppression from all sides, it’s imperative that those in charge are championing positive change — not just business as usual or more of the same old thinking about how things should work”
-Ron Garan-

Ronin Keynote -aiheita mm: Leadership & Risk Management | Finding Unity in Divisive Times | Embracing Change & Technology | Corporate Social Responsibility | Innovation & Planetary Stewardship | Social Entrepreneurship.

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Tutustu tästä myös Ronin huhtikussa 2021 julkaistuun bestseller-kirjaan  ”Floating in Darkness – A Journey to Evolution.

Chris Cassidy, NASA Astronaut and Navy SEAL:

A decorated veteran of the sea, air, land, and outer space, Captain Chris Cassidy is among the leaders of an exclusive and distinguished group of accomplished military astronauts who have made an impact on and beyond this world. Recognized for his leadership and achievements as a United States Navy SEAL and a NASA astronaut, CAPT Cassidy’s various military deployments and spaceflight missions provided the catalysts for an action-packed career where the most of every opportunities presented to him, even in challenging and high-stakes environments.

CAPT Cassidy’s talks how to explore the habits of effective leaders and how they can motivate their teams to overcome the obstacles in front of them and foster a high-performing culture of trust. With a talent for storytelling and well-timed humor, he shares his inspiring journey from the U.S. Naval Academy to becoming NASA’s 15th Chief Astronaut — motivating audiences to develop a never-quit mindset to accomplish their goals, and help others along the way.

Among CAPT Cassidy’s awards and honors are the Bronze Star with combat “V,” the Presidential Unit Citation for leading a nine-day operation at the Zharwar Kili cave complex on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, a second Bronze Star for combat leadership during Operation Enduring Freedom, and the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal.

“There’s hope in being united. When I look down at the planet, it’s just a big beautiful spaceship that has 7 billion astronauts on it”.
– Chris Cassidy

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Ted Burk, Fighter Pilot & Narrative Strategist:

As a Naval Officer, Ted Burk was recognized as a talented fighter pilot and innovative problem solver. As a TOPGUN graduate, he identified cultural gaps and built bridges between warfighters and engineers – optimizing performance in both weapons and tactics. As a Strategic Communications leader, he developed narrative strategies and storytelling campaigns for the United States Navy’s advance capabilities and emerging technologies.

Today, Ted Burk brings his unique insights to the stage as a speaker.

In his presentation, ”A Fighter Pilot Story: Insights on High-Performance”, he shares vivid, engaging stories from the cockpit that provide a glimpse into the high-octane world of naval aviation.

He unpacks the complexity and teamwork that often goes unnoticed behind launching fighter jets from an aircraft carrier. He explains the thrill and nerve-racking task of landing a 23,000 kilo aircraft, flying at speeds of 250 km/h on a moving runway less than 140 meters long. With these stories as a back-drop, Ted reveals three critical characteristics of high-performance individuals and teams.

In his presentation, ”Corporate Communication: Storytelling & Narrative Strategies”, Ted shares lessons learned from halls of power inside the Pentagon – head-quarters and nerve-center of the American Military. He explains the challenges facing all corporate communications and highlights mistakes that prevent companies from optimizing team-performance and achieving corporate goal.

Good ideas and talented teams don’t always reach their full potential. By understanding the desired outcome, the power of storytelling can help attract new consumers, partners & talent, share the ideas, challenge-solving capabilities & identity what makes your team special. And how to manage the competition, adversity or disasters that threaten your desired outcome along with developing the culture, workforce & opportunities that shape the future of your organization”
-Ted Burk

Tedin aiheita mm.;
A Fighter Pilot Story: Insights on High-Performance | Corporate Communication: Storytelling & Narrative Strategies

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