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Speak with impact! – How to become a better speaker?

Revolution of rhetorical speech. The time is now.

As we have witnessed throughout history and now from close distance within the last year in Europe, rhetorical skills impact the world. We closely follow political discussion and analyze carefully the speeches of leaders. These presentations, speeches and choice of words have an immediate effect in our everyday lives. It is never meaningless. We want to democratize speech. By developing better and more impactful speech, we believe the right messages get across better. Inevitably this results in a better world, prosperity and success.


Silent nation speaks with impact. What are the odds?

Small nation of around six million people known from their silence, distance and few words. In Finland, we are highly educated and support research and development. Us Finns, we love data. Measured facts get us excited as we love to argue based on evidence. Curiously, we’ve also become a nation of innovation. Now we are on the journey of taking MySpeaker Rhetorich, a Finnish innovation to improve impactful speech, to the world. MySpeaker Rhetorich is the only multilingual AI based solution for supporting speech development in the world. The technology measures various technical details of speech and scores your impactfulness based on the data. Rhetorich measures speech in four categories; voice and rhythm, appearance, choice of words and relevance.


Going forward, the next step is what counts. What to do with the data?

There are various options on how to utilize the information Rhetorich provides. The platform guides you forward in learning, for example focusing on the elements that need to develop the most or to focus on the details you already score high and want to emphasize even more. You can make the consideration when taking into account the context relevant to you.

“The combination of technology and humans makes it unique.”

We also provide personal coaching based on your needs and the data. This is done with our expert Rhetorich coaches from different fields of communication. According to research and our experience, this method is the most effective for learning. Artificial intelligence still can’t replace human intelligence, but combining these two makes a difference.

“Our communities define our purpose and being.”

The Rhetorich platform also gives an opportunity to collaboration and peer support. By utilizing the community feedback feature, it is possible to have your team supporting your learning process. By analyzing peer videos and scores, giving and receiving feedback, the development becomes even more efficient and insightful as it also considers your industry substance.


MySpeaker France

Aline Rutily, MySpeaker France CEO, together with MySpeaker’s Chairman of the Board André Noël Chaker and CEO Johan Sjöstrand.


New technologies disrupt markets. MySpeaker is the flag carrier crossing industry borders with Rhetorich.

According to our studies the demand in Europe for technology based tools is very high. MySpeaker is now opening an office in Paris, France and our technology solution is our key driver in the market. Interest towards Rhetorich is off the charts and we are ready to disrupt industries with our innovation. It is something new to build a true community and really support the professional development of experts in the traditional keynote speaker industry. MySpeaker is proud to be the game changer in the field. The company also goes over several industry borders by offering services for coaching, education and technology.

“Developing speaking skills is needed all over the world.”

Our customers, domestically and internationally, cover both private and public sector and demand this new AI based solution in their industries for various roles and professions. The timing seems to not have been better – it is the best.

Welcome to the Rhetorich journey. Let’s talk!

Laura Vaniala
MySpeaker Rhetorich

MySpeaker – the Bureau of Insight and Inspiration.

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