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Behavioural Designer | Corporate Startup Guy

As a young Software Engineer our speaker Vegard Jormeland only had one problem in his life; all the ridiculously stupid users who were not using his products. After it dawned upon him that maybe the problem was not them but rather himself. He decided to quit his job, sell most of his belongings and move to England to become a Psychologist. This would become the start of a long winding journey that would take him across the world – and back again.

By chance Vegard Jormeland met Eric Ries before the term “Lean Startup” was even coined – and helped to bring it to the Nordic countries. He later served as Head of R&D at the Nordic startup (now scaleup) Zoaring. Before deciding to go corporate by joining Norway’s largest bank DNB as their Head of Behavioural Design.

Vegard says that the hard thing about making a successful product or service, is often not actually making the product or service, but rather making people use the service. So how cool would it be if we could hack the human mind and program users the same way we can program computers?

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Vegard Jormeland
Vegard Jørmeland

Behavioural Designer | Corporate Startup Guy


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