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Best-selling Author & Leading Talent Management Expert

Judith Leary-Joyce is an authority in the area of Personal Development, Confidence Building, Talent Development, Inspirational Manager and Employer of Choice, she uses both her speaking and facilitation skills to deliver an engaging and uplifting presentation.

”Judith is exceptional and outstanding. It is wonderful to see the magic at work” -DB Schenker

Prior to founding Great Companies Consulting (GCC) in 2002, Judith worked for 20 years as a Gestalt psychotherapist, while founding and leading a psychotherapy training centre in London. She then moved into the business arena and spent the last 20 years as a consultant in leadership and management development, working with global companies. She has facilitated and coached a wide range of senior leaders in a variety of business settings. Her experience of working with the 100 Best Companies to work for List gave her first-hand knowledge of ’the good and the great’. She continues to engage in qualitative research to extend her understanding of the human condition at work. Given the intense challenges faced by employees, she is presently writing a book about Inner Confidence – how to build it and how to maintain it.

With 40 years of experience in business and psychology, Judith Leary-Joyce has considerable knowledge to share with you. Her understanding of the human condition makes her an ideal speaker for those who limit their own potential; managers who want to develop others; and leaders who strive for exceptional business outputs.

Judith’s ability to translate complex constructs into easy, accessible models means she challenges your audience in a fun way to think about themselves and learn from their colleagues. The overall effect is an interesting, stimulating and engaging event.

Judith Leary-Joyce is an inspiring and compelling speaker. She connects quickly with your audience, using her experience and knowledge to encourage them to action. She aligns the content directly to your specific business need and uses her facilitation skills to engage the audience directly with the issues.

Teemat: Building Self Confidence - From the Inside Out | Women at Work – How to Engage With Your Own Worst Enemy | The Psychology of Success – Making the Best of Your Talent | Inspirational Managers – Extraordinary People Delivering Extraordinary Results | Manager as Talent Scout | Becoming an Employer of Choice / Great Company Culture

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