Camilla Tuominen talks emotions and why numbing them is a threat to our companies

When Camilla Tuominen turned 25 years old, she landed her dream job as a management consultant. She was very excited, had her suit all ready to go and ended up working long hours, eager to show the talent that she had. The problem however became evident when she had the first performance review with her boss.

”Camilla, your performance  at work is good but you are too excited.”

In her TEDxTampereUniversity talk ’Emotion numbing is a huge threat to our companies Camilla asks the audience if she is alone with this or if someone else has also felt this way at work. That feeling that you are too much of something?  Camilla also asks how many  can really show their true colors and be their best authentic self at work.

For a while Camilla built an armour in order not to show too much excitement but soon realized that inside of the armor stayed the best parts of being a human. As Dr. Brené Brown so well summarizes it: ”We cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.”

More information on emotion evangelist Camilla Tuominen can be found here.

”Silence doesn’t necessarily mean that people are agreeing. They might be afraid.” – Camilla Tuominen

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