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Philipp Kristian Diekhöner, Global Keynote Speaker and Innovation Strategist | Author of The Trust Economy:


Philipp Kristian is a  a Storyteller and Global TEDx Speaker for the stormy and delightful road ahead. Author of bestseller ”The Trust Economy”, a Fortune 500 Keynote Speaker trusted by the best industry leaders. 

Everybody has a plan until they don’t. 2020 was supposed to be different. Approaching the dawn of a new decade, global sentiment on the 2020s was brimming with optimism. We would embrace the future of work, transform digitally, live and breathe agility and defeat climate change at scale.What new year’s resolutions and predictions about a new decade tend to lack is specificity. For once, the predictions were correct ― except nobody expected them to arrive as abruptly and in the form of a global crisis like few before it. This wasn’t what we asked for. Where does that leave us?It’s time to look beyond the obvious.

The global situation gives us an opportunity to question deeper and more pervasively the way things are. As we do, our world will take evolutionary leaps forward to a new and potentially better normal. Humanity doesn’t simply survive adversity ― it thrives on the necessary adaptation that comes with it. Big changes reshaping reality are a catalyst for a better world. But how will that world look like?This is the story of how the 2020s will change modern humanity forever. This transformation will be more meaningful and universal than anything else we’ve experienced in our lifetimes.  Signs of this new world are already all around us.  It’s time to press reset and start afresh. Let’s rewrite our future together.

Philipp Kristian`s Topics:

Strategies to Build Trust effectively in Transformation:
Trust – how to use it as the universal currency of leadership Leading through trust – practical examples.
Bid farewell to monocultures: How responsibility and trust replace command and control in transformation and change.
How to reach a virtuous cycle of peak performance – understanding that’s where real trust and leadership begins.
Philipp Kristian believes that we must galvanize hidden talents and find greatness. As all greatness is actually within us, within the companies we represent. It’s only longing to be discovered. That’s the work we should all live for!

Philipp Kristian´s new book Reset: Rethinking Our World and Creating a Different Future will be published August 2021: 

I love solving big problems. I’m the innovation Swiss army knife and digital trust expert to a global elite shaping the future. Let’s do this together
 Philipp Kristian Diekhöner

Terence Mauri, Founder of Hack Future Lab, a Global Think Tank, Bestselling Author and Expert on Disruption and Leadership:

Terence Mauri inspires leaders to thrive in the age of disruption.
This means new growth strategies, battle tested ideas and winning mindsets needed to scale daring and resilient leaders who embrace disruption and re-imagine potential.

Terence holds Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence roles at MIT and London Business School and has over 20 years experience of helping leaders bounce back from adversity and move beyond disruption.

Terence is author of two global bestsellers: The 3D Leader – Take Your Leadership to the Next Level  (2020) and The Leader’s Mindset – How to Win in the Age of Disruption (2016).

Terence`s Topics:
The global pandemic turned our working world upside down. How do you thrive through uncertainty and take your leadership to the next dimension?
Embrace disruption, reimagine relevancy and launch 3D leadership mindsets
Navigate four emerging forces to hack uncertainty and complexity
Scale from command and control to learn and discover
Discover nine leadership imperatives to scale an agile, resilient and sustainable culture

Disrupt or be disrupted.” – Terence Mauri

Ted Burk, Fighter Pilot & Narrative Strategist:

As a TOPGUN graduate, Ted identified cultural gaps and built bridges between warfighters and engineers – optimizing performance in both weapons and tactics.
As a Strategic Communications leader, he developed narrative strategies and storytelling campaigns for the United States Navy’s advance capabilities and emerging technologies.
In his presentation, ”Corporate Communication: Storytelling & Narrative Strategies”, Ted shares lessons learned from halls of power inside the Pentagon – head-quarters and nerve-center of the American Military. He explains the challenges facing all corporate communications and highlights mistakes that prevent companies from optimizing team-performance and achieving corporate goals. This lecture is a fascinating dive into the power of storytelling, the criticality of narrative strategies.

Ted`s Topics:
A Fighter Pilot Story: Insights on High-Performance
Corporate Communication: Storytelling & Narrative Strategies

Martin á Porta, Board Member, Experienced Leader, Executive Advisor Transformation, Culture & Leadership Advisor:

Martin is Board Member of UPM and Former CEO of Pöyry and Siemens Building Technologies.
He is an energetic speaker on Leadership, culture & behaviors as well as high performance organizations. He is passionate about business and Intrapreneurship, and his mission is to help entrepreneurs, CEOs and leadership teams to unleash their hidden potential. With his focus on culture and behaviors, Martin emphasises the value of partnerships and building networks.
Martin has led the Finnish Engineering Consultancy Icon Pöyry after seven years of crisis back to where it belonged – it was the transformation to an outstanding company with highly engaged experts serving customers and innovating for the future.

Martin`s Topics:
Leadership, Intrapreneurship, Culture, High Performance Organization, Transformation, Turnaround, Energise

Teamwork, attitude and coureage

Damon Hill, Formula 1 World Champion:

Drawing upon his incredibly successful career as one of Britain’s top F1 drivers Damon Hill offers audiences great insights into the drive and determination which took him to win the world championship.
He shows how the lessons in teamwork and leadership he learned on the track can be applied to inspire us to achieve our goals.

An engaging and entertaining speaker, Damon uses a mix of stories and anecdotes from his career combined with stunning images to challenge and inspire audiences to greater things.
Damon`s Topics: Leadership and Teamwork – What it Takes to be the Best


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