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How will you lead in 2023?

If you want to achieve something you haven’t yet achieved, you’ll also have to do something you haven’t yet done. While this doesn’t have to be considered a resolution, the start of the year 2023 isn’t a bad time to decide on changing habits or your own behavior towards the better.


As always, a lot will be expected from leaders going forward. While before the expectations have been on exceptional results and peak performance from their teams, we see that the trend is moving toward expecting a leader to also be a part of shaping the wellbeing and resilience of their employees.


In order to be able to improve the wellbeing and resilience of your team, you as a leader need to initially focus on your own wellbeing, thus setting the example for your team and gaining the resilience to help them achieve what they are after. To improve your own wellbeing and consequently your team’s, we argue that the following themes will arise to distinguish excellent leaders throughout the year of uncertainty, change and recovery:


 Empathy | Psychological Safety | Self-Compassion | Positive Mindset | Designing for Differences in the Team | Stress Management | Inclusivity | Learning and Unlearning


Keeping these in mind, we want you to challenge yourself to consider, what will you focus on as a leader in 2023? Through your own actions, how can you assist your team to achieve what they are set to accomplish?


In this newsletter, we highlight various amazing leadership experts, each looking at the concept from their own personal viewpoints. Specifically featured in this newsletter are: Terence Mauri, Brené Brown, Caspar Craven, Dame Inga Beale, Martin Roll, Lynda Gratton & Kevin Gaskell. We wish you an insightful start to the year and hope to inspire you in your personal development as a leader.


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Wishing you all the very best for the year 2023!

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